Every home will need some sort of repair(s) (unless they took our suggestion and had the home preinspected and all repairs completed prior to ASSIGNMENT #61937listing the home).  After all inspcetions are completed we’ll take all the incoming data and make a single request for the desires repairs to be agreeed to by the seller.  All repairs are negotiable!  The seller has not agreed to fix all your desired repairs when we neogitated the contract, however it’s usually in their best interest to repair the issues you’ve requested in order to close on the sale.  The longer the laundry list of repairs, the more time it will take for them to be completed.  Being reasonable in your request will always yield the best outcome for everyone.  Some sellers may wish to sell you the house as-is at a reduced price and you make the repairs after you close on the house, again all of this is neogtiable and is determined by the buyer and seller.  Some issues could prevent the house from being able to be financed by a lender and will therefore need to be completed before you can close.  However the seller is not obligated to make the desired repairs, so once again it’s up to the REALTOR to negotiate on your behalf and get you a desired remedy before the end of the due diligence time period!