The Slocum Group is now blogging!!!

SLOCUM-one-closing-logoWell, ever since I started my real estate career I’ve heard speaker after speaker tell me I needed to blog, be hyperlocal, and spend lots of money on websites to receive leads, build an amazing website, and stay on top of SEO.  So for the past several years I’ve said, NO…I build relationships that will stand the test of time, treat my clients well, and focus on them and not the commission check!  So far so good, but I’m about to add something I thought I never would…A Real Estate Blog!  The SGRE BLOG is born!  I enjoy expressing my ideas and opinions to others, so what’s the difference?  Starting with this first of many blogs, welcome to The Slocum Group Real Estate blog.  I hope you’ll continue to come back for great articles, editorials, reviews, and conversation, by writers and authoritarians much wiser and more skilled than I!  Each week I’ll compile all the great real estate related articles, changes in real estate law, real property taxes, etc, and blog about it.  Thanks for stopping by, we sure hope to see you again!