Bedford Subdivision was first started in 1983 with the land that began at the end of Queen Annes Road at Grayleigh subdivision.  It extended in both the east and west directions on Bremerton Drive and included Bremerton, Coventry Court, Wyneston, and Daventry then was followed by Wallingford, Huntington, and Guilder as well as Bedford Place subdivision in the late 80’s – late 90’s.  In the late 90’s Ashburton and Dunhagen were added to the South followed by Chesapeake Place in the early 2000’s.  By mid 2000’s Wyckham, McLaren, Rolston, and Amhurst became the most recent phase of Bedford.  There are still a few scattered lots available for new construction in Bedford, however since mid 2013 we’ve seen a significant decrease of those available lots.

Home size, build date, and price range varies dramatically in Bedford as this neighborhood has been built over the course of 40 years plus.  The range typically runs anywhere from about $220,000 in the older sections to $800,000 in the newest sections.  Square footage varies from about 2,000 – 8,000, also running from the older sections to the newest sections. In 2013 the average sale price of a home in this neighborhood was $420,431 and had an average square foot measurement of 3566 with 4 bedroom and 3 baths.